Hello there, I’m Conny.

Pleased to meet you!

And you are, I’m just guessing, someone who is either:

  • Looking to get a job at Conscious or
  • Kinda curious and just checking us out or
  • Bored, in a dead-end job and endlessly surfing the net to stay sane or
  • You’re me, just admiring my profile – looking good!

OK, first up, we don’t just take anyone. Obviously the Conscious guys gave me a job so the bar is set pretty high … actually; I’m not quite sure why they chose me. Anyway, back to you.

We’re a bit different. If you do things differently you might fit right in here. Get in touch!

Email: careers@conscioushotels.com
Telephone: 020-671 17 56

Or find me on:

Linked In!
Looking forward to working together!