Work at Bar Kantoor
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The coolest office in Amsterdam!

Also open after office hours! ;) With our monumental building and terrace where the sun always shines, we are an eye-catcher in the middle of the Westerpark. Bar Kantoor is 100% electric and 100% organic. Open from early morning until late evening.

The important stuff

Money You will receive a competitive salary plus a monthly budget on the Alleo app. 18 year olds are paid as 21 year olds and you have the possibility of having your holiday pay paid out monthly!

Boss Bar Kantoor is a flat organisation which means that there is little to no hierarchy. So, don't be surprised if your boss asks you for some beers after your shift!

Job If you have a love for hospitality, this job fits you perfectly. Together, we make sure that our guests are always satisfied and above all that we have fun together!

Benefits One free overnight stay, Family & Friends discounts, barista training, tastings, travel allowance and not to forget great (!!) staff parties