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Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. it’s just we don’t think sustainability needs to be shouted in your face. That’s why we take care of all the sustainable issues quietly in the background. And do it well. No fuss. We want our guests to enjoy themselves. That’s why we’re always inventing fresh, creative ways for them to connect and have fun. That’s what we call Eco-Sexy. Big Smiles.

Night Receptionist

As Night Receptionist, because you are the only one working at night, you have to have a very big sense of responsibility. You will be responsible for conducting all night audit activities and reception duties during the night. As the night receptionist you are also responsible for charging all non-refundable reservations, checking and reporting any irregularities in the reservations and filing all paperwork. You are in charge of managing the fire panel/alarm (having your ‘BHV-certificate’ is an asset), safety and wellbeing of our guests.

  • BHV - The BHV certificate is necessary for this position, as you are mostly on your own during the night (but never lonely, right? 😉) In case of emergency, you know exactly what to do.
  • Having fun whilst doing your job is important. And a joke once in a while is appreciated by our guests and your colleagues alike!
  • Do not worry, you do not have to speak 14 languages, but fluent Dutch and English are required.
  • ou know the coolest hotspots in Amsterdam (wait, is that even possible?). Not just the tourist spots, everyone can find those using Google. No, we are talking about the hidden gems of the city, which you love recommending to our guests.
  • For more information download the full job description below.
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