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Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. it’s just we don’t think sustainability needs to be shouted in your face. That’s why we take care of all the sustainable issues quietly in the background. And do it well. No fuss. We want our guests to enjoy themselves. That’s why we’re always inventing fresh, creative ways for them to connect and have fun. That’s what we call Eco-Sexy. Big Smiles.

Demi Chef de Partie – Restaurant Moer

At Restaurant Moer we love real vegetables. High fiber, low fat, great taste. We’re not talking industrial supermarket veg, here – same size, same colour, same same same. Nope, you love veggies just the way they come; as Demi Chef de Partie in our kitchen you love organic local products. No frequent flyer apples or air mile carrots. Vegetables that are produced with love by a guy called Hans (typical Dutch name) and bought directly by us. We are proud to work with suppliers such as Tuinen van West and Wild van Wild, because that’s how we serve wonderful, sustainable and seasonal dishes for our guests each and every day.


With a special concept and versatile menu, Restaurant Moer has a lot to offer. Guests are welcome to walk in any time of the day for breakfast, quick lunch, three course dinner with all their friends or for the usual Friday-afternoon drinks after work. You love it about your job that no day is the same: from preparing a quick lunch to a three course-meal, you’ve got it! That also means you are able to handle stress, because busy days are the most fun, right? Being in time for service, having M.E.P. ready and making sure the kitchen is clean and organised are also part of your daily to-do list.


Do you recognize yourself in the following?:

  • Hospitality is in your DNA
  • As all our F&B items are organic, it would be great if you have affinity with organic and sustainable food(trends)
  • You have gained experience in the kitchen and are ready for your next challenge
  • Available Full Time, flexible and able to work in the weekends and holidays
  • Sounds good right? Apply below
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