Who is Conscious?

Conscious: It’s your choice

Staying at Conscious Hotels is a welcome escape from ‘everyday, ho-hum, pay the bills, vacuum the carpets, where did I put the car keys, how much fat is in this yoghurt’ existence. We want our guests to enjoy themselves. That’s why we’re always inventing fresh, creative ways for them to connect and have fun. From pop- ups to tastings we invite everyone to get together. Our words have warmth. They smile (some have even been known to wink if you look at them long enough) to help our guests feel relaxed and at home. After all, we want them to recycle their experience as often as possible and come back to Conscious over and over…

Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. But, let’s be clear, we’re more hip than hippy. And by hip we don’t mean our staff are too cool to answer the phone. None of that attitude. It’s just we don’t think sustainability needs to  be shouted in your face. That’s why we take care of all the sustainable issues quietly in the background. And do it well. No fuss. We don’t make guests feel like they have to shower using only three teaspoons of water a day. We believe we can do good while looking good. So we’re happy to spend a lot of time getting our clean,  contemporary looks right. Paying attention to even the smallest  details. Does that make us sound vain? We’re just being kind to  the planet and ourselves.

Eco-Sexy. Big Smiles.

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