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At Bar Kantoor - located at the Westergasfabriek - all day food and drinks can be enjoyed. There's large role for the bar with funky cocktails and varied programming. And in the summer the large terrace is involved - o yes. The menu consists of organic dishes using fermented vegetables. The laid back atmosphere and the high-quality menu makes Bar Kantoor the go to place from morning till evening.

Assistant Restaurant Manager / Team Lead @Bar Kantoor

Conscious Hotels is searching for someone who is a great multitasker; a Renaissance man (or woman!) could learn from you. Who thinks that filling the grab-and-go while giving two hipsters directions to the bus stop and recreating the work-schedule-for-next-week-(again!) in your head, is difficult, did not work with you yet. You keep the balance between the operation and the administration, like a true F&B sandwich, as you are the middleman between the operational staff and the Restaurant Manager. Now, doesn’t that sound cosy?

As a Team Lead, you will be responsible for overseeing the visit of our (local) guests, make sure they can pick a lunch, have a coffee or grab and go bite; just make sure they have everything they need. Located on the ground floor of the building, Bar Kantoor provides an everyday resource for the local community visiting Westergas Terrain and guests staying at the hotel.

  • Leader of the year: You lead the team of young and dynamic people to greatness, much like a great general leads their army. The only difference is, you know exactly what makes a great Mojito, and the general generally does not (wink-wink).
  • Languages: Do not worry, you do not need to be fluent in 14 languages. However, we do require you to be fluent in Dutch and English.
  • Not afraid to talk. Not on market guy volume though
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